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The Testatika is an electromagnetic generator. It was built by German engineer, Paul Suisse Baumann, and promoted by a Swiss community, the Methernithans. The Testatika is also known as the Swiss M-L converter, the Thestatika, or the Thesta-Distatica. The Testatika resembles in some respects a Wimshurst machine. It is based on the 1898 Pidgeon electrostatic machine which includes an inductance circuit, a capacitance circuit, and a thermionic rectification valve. Skeptics call it an alleged perpetual motion machine.

Reference for photo: "Testatika Group" at This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Testatika". This entry is a fragment of a larger work. Link may die if entry is finally removed or merged.

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