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List of Iranian national heroes

This is a list of personalities (both historical and legendary) who are considered national heroes by many in Iran:

Cyrus the Great, Founder of the Persian Empire
Darius the Great, Persian Emperor
Babak Khorramdin, Leader of the Persian resistance against Arab invaders
Hassan-i Sabbah
Ferdowsi, Savior of the Persian language, poet of Shahnameh epic.
Bahram Chobin, One of the greatest Eran Spahbods (generalissimo)
Rostam-e Dastan, legendary warrior from the Shahnameh
Arash the Archer, legendary warrior from the Shahnameh
Jamshid, One of the greatest kings of mythical Persia according to Shahnameh's account.
Kaveh the Blacksmith, character from the Shahnameh
Mohammad Mosaddegh, Nationalised Iran's oil industry
Amir Kabir, Politician and minister to Naser -o- Din Shah of Qajar Dynasty.
Nader Shah, Military leader and Shah of Iran, rightfully dubbed as Napoleon of Persia.
Takhti, Great Persian wrestler.
Surena or Suren Pahlav, were among the prominent ruling clans during the Parthian Empire. Eran Spahbod Rostaham Suren Pahlav was a member of this house who managed to decisively defeat Roman Army under command of Crassus at the Battle of Carrhae.
Abbas Mirza, able crown prince of Qajar Dynasty who lead a number of albeit unfruitful military campaigns against Impersial Russia.
Abu Muslim Khorasani.
Bagher Khan
Shirin Ebadi, Nobel peace prize winner
Mirza Kuchak Khan, Activist
Mohammad Khiabani
Pourya-ye Vali
Sattar Khan
Shah Abbas the Great
Ya'qub bin Laith as-Saffar
Hossein Fatemi
Reza Shah, Founder of the Pahlavi Dynasty

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If this is the best Wikipedia has to offer.. I would appreciate it more if there was some regularity to the blog.

But after a long absence a list ???

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