Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Space Ice Cream

Freeze-dried ice cream, also known as astronaut ice cream or space ice cream is a brick of dehydrated ice cream that is always ready to eat, with no need for refrigeration. It was developed by Whirlpool Corporation under contract to NASA for the Apollo missions. Apollo 7 in 1968 was the only NASA mission on which space ice cream flew in outer space. According to a NASA food scientist, although it was developed on request, "It wasn't that popular." Skylab had a refrigerator that was used for real ice cream, and occasionally shuttle and International Space Station astronauts have enjoyed real ice cream. This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Space Ice Cream". This entry is a fragment of a larger work. Link may die if entry is finally removed or merged.

I actually got a packet of that stuff on some event I went to a while back. It was pretty awful. Not much flavour and a bizarre texture.
taste aside, these bricks of sugar were a part of many a childhood, and deleting this article to make room for a justin timberlake album is reality theft NOOOO!!O!O!O!O!O!
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