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Quantum Fiction

Quantum Fiction is a new literary genre that blurs the lines separating science fiction, fantasy, and quantum mechanics. This genre is characterized by The use of quantum mechanics to explain, or make plausible, the supernatural, paranormal, or fantastic. The genre quantum fiction was coined by American novelist Vanna Bonta to define stories in which consciousness affects physics and determines reality; in her words, "the genre is broad and includes life." Bonta further explains her development of this new genre: "I don't write science fiction. Science fiction is a niche genre, defined by Ray Bradbury as depiction of the real. 'Quantum fiction' is the realm of all possibilities, and that is a core passion of my work. The genre is broad, and includes life because fiction is an inextricable part of reality in its various stages, and vice versa." This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Quantum Fiction". This entry is a fragment of a larger work. Link may die if entry is finally removed or merged.

? recheck your facts. quantum fiction isn't dumped. the nomination for deletion was not good faith. the cronies who made it have been trying to defame and spread rumors and lies about new stuff and authors for years. it was exciting the names all went down!
By this point, it is common knowledge that the free, open source encyclopedia Wikipedia is a vehicle for intercontinental character assassination. A tool used to vent displeasure with the author of a book or gain upmanship in a flame war.

While I was at it, I also thought some career slanderers in the alt.usenet.kooks "news group" had discovered and exploited the malfunctioning web site by creating an article defaming a number of individuals they'd been harassing in Usenet.

… leading one to speculate just how many such canards are circulating in Wikipedia, including any libelous references contained in User Pages and Talk Pages, which are located outside the main articles but which are indexed by the search engines nonetheless. (For details on this rather cunning cyber libel workaround, see my report on User pages).

And what of the idea that anyone can edit Wikipedia? The only content that has any staying power in Wikipedia is that which is zone defensed by Wiki-gangs. Wiki-gangs are groups of individuals who form — call it what you like — "alliances," "strategic partnerships," "cooperative networks" — which allows them to circumvent rules that limit individual users. Many of these gang members did not meet in Wikipedia, but in Usenet, and at some point discovered that Wikipedia could be a key gadget in what they call their bag of "loser attitude readjustment tools" (or "LART" for short).
The Usenet kooks and defamatation league are behind the article deletions and libel and meanwhile write their own article entries in Wikipedia.

The Quantum Fiction deletion was cyber libel by Usenetkook fanfiction community. Everybody knows who they are.
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