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Autocentrism is a style of living characterized by dependency on the automobile for transportation. Autocentric communities are found throughout the suburban United States and are one characteristic of urban sprawl. In such communities, public transportation is either enormously unpractical due to time concerns, or wholly unavailable. Smart growth and New Urbanism advocates view autocentrism as an undesired state, arguing that it results in a weakened sense of community in the affected neighborhoods, as well as having negative impact on the environment. Detractors do not view autocentrism as anything manifestly negative, merely a choice made by consumers out of preferences.

Relevant source: Crawford, J.H., Carfree Cities.

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people dont realize that eventually we're going to have to get off using cars for everything
here in new york there is tons of public transportation, but in most places especially around the U.S. - nothing but long streches of roads and highways.

Nice blog.

- Dan From
I'm in a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning specifically to battle autocentrism and the decay it has brought to communities and the environment.
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