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The Best-Selling Female Recording Artist Ever

The best-selling female recording artists of all time:

1.Madonna (entertainer) 257,000,000 Records Sold
2.Mariah Carey 232,000,000 Records Sold
3.Whitney Houston 220,000,000 Records Sold
4.Nana Mouskouri 206,000,000 Records Sold
5.Diana Ross 189,000,000 Records Sold
6.Donna Summer 178,000,000 Records Sold
7.Celine Dion 175,000,000 Records Sold
8.Barbra Striesand 168,000,000 Records Sold
9.Janet Jackson 138,000,000 Records Sold
10.Shania Twain 132,000,000 Records Sold
11.Tina Turner 125,000,000 Records Sold
12.Dolly Parton 120,000,000 Records Sold
13.Cher 116,000,000 Records Sold
14.Aretha Franklin 108,000,000 Records Sold
15.Britney Spears 78,000,000 Records Sold

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Nana M. is the 4th Best? Who knew?
Nana M is 4th?
You learn something new everyday! B.
Interesting, especially Nana Mouskouri and Donna Summer. Anyway, I don't know Mouskouri at all ;P
If you don't know Nana Mouskouri's music, you're missing a treat.

Does anyone know if Tina Turner's number includes the sales of recordings when she was singing with Ike?
i read somewhere else that nana sold 300 million albums/record/watever already... and mariah's amount havent exceed 200 million thats something! =D
"Nana m" I'd never heard or read that name before. madonna or brittney s are believable. (c&w rankings are potentially believable, too) Didn't Donna summers last record in the late 70's?
Sarah McLachlan has been mixed more than any of those, yet she apparently hasn't had the recording sales.
These rankings shows how disassociated recording sales have become from popular music. They may also show that recording sales (and c&w sales) are stronger outside the usa than in the usa? Saddam Hussein may have been Charlie Daniels Band's greatest (buying) fan :-)
this spoof
but she is a 60's performer. that really says something about sales rankings.
This can't be right. Mariah is the top female seller of all time. She is almost at the point with Elvis and Beatles.
Okay, who is nana m?? and yes mariah carey is the most succesfull with alot of #1's but this is according to album sales and i find it believeable and accurate, and big ups to britney making the top 15, being the youngest off them all, and probably the most talked about, heres something positive from her.
I'm surprised Connie Francis is
not rated, as another source still
considers the sales figures between
Connie and Madonna undecided as to which has the higher sales!!
Connie seems to be very neglected these days. Can anybody fill me in
as to her actual record sales?
In the early-mid 80's, Connie was still considered to be the biggest female seller of all time,and I think rated in top 10 of all time performers.
Mariah is number one. this will all be changed.

she's just 37, madonna's in her 50's.
mariah will continue making hits for a decade or more.
i doubt if madonna's gonna wiggle her ovaries in her 60's coz it's gonna luk disgusting.

mariah's in her prime.
madonna's nearing retirement/home for the aged.
When was this posted? This is not truth, wikipedia is all-messed up. In article about Celine they say she's the best selling female recording artist in worldmm in article about Mariah they say she's the top female seller of all time and is in rank with Elvis, in article about that Nana Who-is-that they say that she sold over 230 albums and that she's the best selling female ricording artist ever. I'm wondering now: What the ....? ;)
madonna is the best selling female artist.... look at the 2008 edition of guiness world records. thats all.
No Madonna isn't the best selling. She is the most SUCCESSFUL, not best selling. The success includes tours, concerts and everything.
you are all wrong! It's Barbra Streisand. She is only second to Elvis and beats out the Beatles and the Stones. She's made 60 albums, 28 went platinum, 10 double plantinum ,48 went gold. She won 2 Oscars,8 Grammys,7 Emmys,11 Golden Globes,1 Tony,the Grammy Legend Award, the American Film Institute Life Time Achievement Award, The Peabody award,Cecil B. deMille award,National Medal of Arts,6 People's Choice Awards. Need I say more?
Madonna is an Icon and is rightly at the top of this list. Madonna has the biggest world wide sales (altho in USA Mariah has sold more) and she has held the record for fastest selling world tour since her reinvention tour and has beaten it with every tour she has done since. She has so many iconic looks, has had hits all over the world. All these divas are great but as yet they havent been to touch madonna and probably never will shes an idol. love her or hate her you cant take anything away from her that girl has worked!
where is dionne warwick on this list
Whitney got them all beat, she has less cd's released then all of them and she is number #3, u do the math!
What about Connie Francis I think worldwide she sold well over 500,000,000.
Wow! Go Britney.
Everyone else has about 10 years or more experience than Britney. Yet, she is still able to come out in the Top 15!

And Now She hs soold more than 80,000 since her New Album"Circus" came out
Hi everybody, Nana Mouskouri is a greek female artist which she is right now 80 years old and she did made a huge succees at her time, but mostly in Europe.
Madonna is well ahead of all females worldwide especially if you include singles sales. Just look at her yearly net worth alone it speaks for itself. All others like Mariah & Celine use clever marketing campaigns (Sony). While Mariah/Celine, they recieve awards (Critics), they don't have the WORLD RECORDS Madonna has. Her track record is unmatched. Plus her impact will never be duplicated in our lifetime. Most people that disagree have no clue about the facts within the worldwide music industry, they just repeat things they hear or read from frivilous sources.

She has the most succesfull solo tour in history of music for an artist. Billboard lists Madonna #2 as their most successful artist ever, behind the Beatles. RIAA lists her the most sucessfull female music artist of the ENTIRE 20th century. Guiness World Records also states she is the most successfull & richest female musician ever. The World Charts also list her as the most sucessfull artist in chart history. She was the only artist in the 80s & 90s who could match MJ's success, impact and fame, the King of Pop, Guess who's the Queen ???? Just google Madonna's Accomlishments and 90% are records not awards given by some critics with a bias agenda.
Connie Francis should definitely be up there on the list. I remember back in the late 1970's advertisements for her selling over 80 million records. Her records still sell today.
The Brittany entry seems inaccurate.
Connie Francis shoulddefinitely be at the very top.
According to America's Got Talent, Reba McIntyre is the best selling femail recording artist ever. Hmmm. I guess one needs to consider the source.
Whoever saids that this list is not accurate is a dumbass and need to do some research. Most of ya'll are probably from America and based records sales only in the US. This list is based on WORLD WIDE ALBUM SALES!!! According to this list and according to what I've researched and experienced, Madonna IS the best-selling female artists of all time WORLD WIDE, not only in America. The highest selling female artist in America is Barbra Streisand, but Barbra is not the best selling of all time like Madonna. To be the best selling of all time, you have to sell albums BEYOND the USA. When it comes to black female artists who are not biracial, Whitney Houston is the best selling black female artists of all time, and Diana Ross is second.
This list is very accurate, and whoever doesn't think so need to do some research. According to this list, this is based on WORLDWIDE ALBUM SALES, not AMERICAN ALBUM SALES. Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time WORLDWIDE. This is a fact. When it comes black female artists, Whitney Houston is the best selling black female artist of all time. For a woman of color, that's a huge accomplishment. One thing about the music industry, it's not as segregated as Hollywood.
Its amazing to know that Donna Summer is #6. After all she sings way better that Madonna and Mariah and Whitney. Donna is still in the in the game after not making a full studio album in 17 years until last years ''Crayons'' release. She sells all over the world. Her concerts sell all over the world.She was the first in history to have 3 #1 double albums. She was awarded 5 Grammys,an Oscar, and multiple American Music Awards. The Disco Diva prevails.
Americans are so stupid!!! Mariah Carey is a US phenomenon and her sales are only big in the US. Madonna has peaked at number 1 with singles AND albums across the globe than any other female, shes Europes, Japans and Asias biggest selling female too and in America has sold more than Carey. This total is correct, in the UK Carey has only ever had 1 UK number 1 album against Madonna's 11 and 2 number 1 singles against Madonna's 14. Read it and weep, Madonna IS the biggest seller worldwide AND in America!
Re: "This can't be right..." Keep in mind this says it's from 2006 (up top). NOW Mariah is the #1 female recording artist, she and may have already caught up with or past the Beatles, idk.
Whitney Houston has the Least amount of albums than all of those female artists in the top 10. yet she manages to be #3.. like some1 said above.. you do the #'s and see who's really the best seller..
Madonna is definitely the best selling female artist. You always find Mariah and Celine fans contesting this point. There is a reason for this as they have both won awards for being best selling female artist. However was is not often mentioned is those sales were calculated using the Neilsen Soundscan method which was only introduced in 1991. Madonna loses out here as a large bulk of her sales were in the 80's. Take those sales into account (as they have here) and she is out and out winner.
Madonna is by far the best selling female artist of all time. This list is a bit inaccurate. Madonna sold more than 350 Million. Mariah Carey only sold 100 Million so she doesnt even make the top 10.
Janet Jackson At number#9..I'm glad she was not blacklisted on this list..Show Janet some respect she's a great artist too! I knew she's sold alot of music..since 04 incorrect reports have been given about her sales..I know by Now she's close to 170-200 mill..Go Janet we love and will cont. to support you.
First off Celine is the best! And she's the only one that can still hold a note and make relevant music!
Its been said a few times before Whitney has put out less then twice the albums as ALL the ladies on the list yet she is #3...YOU DO THE MATH. Maybe not the biggest seller but def the BEST
the one and only miss diana ross is the biggest selling female artist worldwide in history if you factor her sales with the supremes as well as her solo recordings this is why she gets overlooked,also she started it all and is the original pop queen and she did it without the help of mtv and she realey sings unlike the pathetic lyp synching madonna,music for the brain dead.
Mariah Carey and Barbara Stresiand and Whitney Houston are all incredible in their own right..but Madonna is the biggest selling female artist of all time. People need to do their research before. She is the Queen of pop and is known all over the globe. No other female artist can fill out STADIUMS..STADIUMS not arenas and on top of cities all over the world. It's Madonna folks. And I love Mariah...but Madonna has sold more world wide.
This is not accurate Its Actually... Madonna then Celine and then the rest wow people get a clue
consiThe right and umpartial list :
1-Madonna 200m albums,100 m singles
2-Mariah Carey 185 m albums 80m singles
3-Celine Dion 175m albums 50m singles
4-Whitney Houston 150m albums 63m albums
5-Barbra Streisand 138m albums 45m singles
6-Tina Turner 130 albums 30m singles
7-Cher 120 m albums 35m singles
8-Janet Jackson 115m albums,25m singles
9-Donna summer 120m albums 20m singles
10-Britney Spears 80m albums,35 m singles
The right list is :

2-Mariah Carey
3-Celine Dion
4-Whitney Houston
5-Barbra Streisand
7-Tina Turner
8-Donna Summer
9-Janet Jackson
10 Britney Spears
Mariah is second but she deserved the firts place ! Listen her greatest hits albums and you'll understand why she should be the best selling female artist of all times !
These numbers are wrong. Shania Twain has not sold that many albums... Not even close. Try again...
The numbers are not wrong, Shania is in the top most selling female artists of all times, get your figures
I am not surprised that Donna Summer is in the top ten. Go Donna!
Madonna not only sold 257 million records, she passes the 300 million records sold since 1982.

Mariah Carey has sold to date 200 million albums, not 232.

Celine Dion has hit the 215 million records

Whitney Houston has sold 170 million copies

Britney Spears with only 78 million? It has passed the 100 million ...

Shania Twain with 115 million worldwide? She managed to reach only 80 million copies between 1992 and 2005.

Update their data because they are completely wrong. Anyway, the fact is that Madonna is the best-selling female artist and most successful of all time.
I'm surprised italo-french singer Dalida is not in this list.
To be sure, she was the first singer ever to be awarded a diamond disc.
I'm not sure how many records she sold overall, but according to, by 1964 she'd already sold 30 million records (only 10 years into her carrer).
Omg...You guys are blind???
the ignorance on this page is so sad it is funny...
Nana never sold that much,I live in Europe.Her greatest market is France and she had sell a total of around ...18 million albums there ! UK is her second best market with ....10 million sales there.Tnhen Canada where she sold 3 million albums.She didn't sell in USA and was unknown there.She never charted in Billboard,the world greatest market.Get your facts straight !Latin America ? She was never popular there.So let's say 2 million there. Asia ? Mariah is the western queen there with over 45 million album sales there,then Madonna ( 22 million ),Celine is the next ( 15 million ).Nana is nowhere in Asian list of sellers.Oceania ? neither.So,no Nana is not even in the top 20 best selling female artist.Madonna is # 1 mariah Carey # 2 Celine Dion # 3
Scotland's finest Annie Lennox should be on this list!

Janet Jackson, can't be right she's sold that ammount???

Fiona McLachlan

Kingairloch, Scotland
as we see in the passing of Whitney respect the numbers we dont know how long we have to hold on to these special people some of them last recorded decades ago before there where downloads and mass media so what they did is even more spectacular. number dont lie respect they gansta and when figure change so be it. Hail Queen Madona and Bless Princess MiMi
I thougt it was Nana also at number 1?
what about Petula Clark?
This is wrong. Whitney is below Celine Dion. Celine Dion is in the top three.
Don't know if Nana Mouskouri is #4 or #40 but it makes little difference. She is an incredible voice unfortunately missed by 99 percent of United States music fans.
...MARIAH CAREY should be the NUMBER ONE.....
..not madonna!!!!....
Hands down, according to guinness, billboard and world charts, the best selling female is indeed, Madonna with over 300 million units sold, Celine Dion is #2 WITH OVER 245 MILLION AND #3 is Mariah Carey with 230 million units sold as of 2012. thank you. PS consult world charts for evidence and not false opinions
Nana Mouskouri is by far in the lead if you remember that she has sold 400,000,000 discs in FIFTEEN languages. She is #1 in the Greek and Arabic languages, in the top 10 in French, Spanish, German and other languages. Her audience is five times the size of any English only singer. Nana RULES.
Nana Mouskori is most likely # 1. Connie Francis is way up on the list also. What most people are forgetting is that the newer artists like Madonna and Celine Dion have their sales scnned by Soundscan. Artists like Connie Francis, Brenda Lee and Nana Mouskouri are pre-Soundscan days and their actual sales totals will never be known; but they certainlyhave sold many more records then some of the artists listed in the top ten. The mere fact that Nana and Connie have recorded hundreds of records worldwide is an indication in itself. I also agree with Anonymous that Dalida has sold many millions of records. You cannot forget the International artists.
diana ross achivements u all don't seem to mention!50yrs in the bussiness an still sells out in concerts her 2011 2012 tour was outstanding,she sounds and looks Great and every one hates on her! WHY cause she 68yr.and could still out do these fake lip snyk so called artis who most cant even complete a 2mth tour or speak correctly when asked a Question. lets see were their be and look at that age....Bless you MISS ROSS on ur upcoming cd 2013!~by the way r they counting all the 33s 45s 8tracks cassettes and albums that she released since 1959! all her stuff i dont think so.....diana has over 89 top 100 charted songs in the top 100 n thats not including the top 200 on the billboard list.WOW!!! who does thathuh....number5?its more like 2 or 3... moddona did well yeah thats fact but lets see what happends when she hits 68 69yrs of age..
glad to see DIANA ROSS ON THE LIST.she has released over 65 albums and is due to released another soon,does this list include all her work in the 60s with THE SUPREMES?
Whitney will be forever number one in my book. She is by far the greatest singer of all time, especially if she would have put out more albums in her prime. The Mose beautiful also!
Nana Mouskori has sold well over 350 million records and is easily the best selling female artist ever.
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