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Bonkum is the brand of the company Bonk Designs.The company provides unique sexual position furniture for the bedroom.

The Company started in August 2003 with the initial design of its flagship product; The Bonker in Venice Ca., USA.

It released its third model in production at the AVN AEE trade show in Las Vegas in January 2004 with much fanfare, press, and media excitement. Bonkum continued to grow into a larger company as the line developing more products, like the Bonkim.

The Bonker Classic is an above-the-bed frame which allows for trapeze like acrobatics not available in any other device. Two half-heart metal frames, attached to two bases which slide on and secure under the mattress above the box spring. Connected to the half heart frames, are spring clips and an assortment of pleasurable straps, handles and attachments to enhance the user for sexual applications.

The Bonker Extreme is double,or four arms and four bases on the bed. It allows for more multiple positioning possibilities. A bedroom device that can handle more positioning than what a sex swing could do, but over a bed, without the ceiling mount or large frame stand needed. The possibilities are endless for comfort and sexual positioning as one can use the Bonker as a sex sling (fisting sling), a sex swing, a sex spring, or as a way to achieve body and limb positioning not available with any other sexual furniture.

The Bonkim is an end of bed attachment, similar to a trampoline, that allows for a rhythmic effect while making love. Inspired and similar to the rhythm a water bed enhances and the leverage gained by having the wooden bed frame to push off of.

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Um, that picture is not a Bonker from, that is a Luvseat.
Probably one of the greatest looking sex furniture pieces I have laid eyes on, in quite sometime.
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