Saturday, November 25, 2006


Boxed Thoughts

Boxed Thoughts is a collection of thoughts posted by anonymous users. Together, these thoughts form a stream of thought, or a ‘thoughtstream’. The thoughtstream represents the flow of thought or thoughts that embodies humanity.

Users post whatever is on their minds without being judged. All thoughts are anonymous so nobody can identify you, unless you decide to post something that will identify you. The idea is to post whatever thought is on your mind at the time, good or bad....

You have a 100x100 pixel box to work with so you can only fit a certain amount of text into the box. This is when you have to be creative with what you want to say.

Although BT is an anonymous community there is still communication among the users through the stream.... Sometimes a trend will become very popular and you will see many thoughts about that topic on the stream. Some trends only last for a few thoughts, some are still being mentioned almost a year after they were started. Certain users have created some themes and trends, and due to those users popularity among other users the trends seem to become more popular and spread throughout the thoughtstream.

External links: BoxedThoughts, BT’s official Forum

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I love this site.

It is one of the best that I looked at in a long time!

Thanks for the laugh; I really needed it.
What happened it! Has it moved to another name or something?
I am also confused.. what happened to boxed thoughts?!?! I miss it
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