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Coulrophilia is the paraphilia involving sexual attraction to clowns.

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Thats just creepy.
This one was totally bizarre!!
I totally have it. some think clowns are creepy...not me...ummmm...lol
I think It doesnt means exclusive sexual atraction, i mean i liek clowns, i love clowns, i might be obssesed with clowns, it is coulrophilia :P
Clowns are super sexy... I have Coulrophilia and proud!

- Lumpy the clown
I have rather strong Coulrophilia. So much so that when I met my husband, who was a rather new clown, I had sex with him that very same day. When, normally, I never get that close to a male.

(But then again, being a 19 year old girl, I have plenty of fetishes that would frighten even the toughest masochist.)
I always thought of clowns as just open minded people. But the make up is sexy anyway, especially if they have more of a dirty and faded way to their make up.
Omg I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I'm absolutly in love with all clowns. Have been since I watched It at 5 years old :)
I am definately a coulrophiliac. Classy clowns, though -- like the jester/harlequin type. The rainbow fro's don't really do it for me, but some skintight motley, a smile, and some elegant makeup... hnnngh.
Clowns are creepy...sexy...perverse...funny. what's not to love? I personally like sexy whorish raver clowns. Aside from that, I generally appreciate original clown personas.
Not the Ronald McDonald type.
Everyone already knows I'm a freak.
No shame here
I have coulrophilia! You can find me on Fetlife. My profile name is upsideclownz. Clowns are awesome !

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