Saturday, November 04, 2006


Drunk blogging

Drunk blogging, also known as drunk posting, occurs when an inebriated person creates a blog (using a blog hosting site such as Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress, etc.) or logs into an existing blog account and posts entries that are of an extremely private nature or that are completely nonsensical. Drunk blogging also includes visiting other blog sites to leave inappropriate comments.

Drunk blogging typically occurs in the early morning hours after one has consumed large quantities of alcohol. Drunk blogging is not the same as drunk dialing, which utilizes a phone.

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Drunk blogging isn't half as bad as Drunk eBaying

A mate of mine woke up with a hangover and discovered he'd won an auction for a 14,000 GBP static caravan.

He couldn't remember bidding on it
this post's great. hahah i'm a drunk 'everything' hahaha. Best for wikidump. From argentina
drunk ebaying is the online equivalent of buying crap while drunk off the tv
I use to do it a lot... (:
More fun than the dry heaves!
I gotta agree with American Infidel.
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