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Enochian angels

Enochian angels are entities as expressed in the enochian system of ritual magic, introduced by John Dee and Edward Kelley in the 16th century.

Enochian magic takes a view similar to Buddhist teaching that postulates a plurality of deities, but no "supreme" deity. It denies the existence of a personal God in the sense of an Absolute Deity. However, according to the Enochian viewpoint, there are angels, or intelligent rulers, of each world, each planet and each sun, and so on. This idea is a result of a "Law of Hierarchies" which states that from the highest realms of spirit to the lowest levels of matter, everything in between is composed of a host of gods, monads, or life-atoms arranged in a myriad of hierarchies. The following rules are applied to hierarchies:

- All aggregates are composed of hierarchies.
- For every hierarchy there is a governing ruler or hierarch.
- Hierarchies descend infinitely into matter.
- Hierarchies ascend infinitely into spirit.
- The universe has a hierarchical structure, interlinking groups of entities living and working together.
- Hierarchies are born, evolve over time, and die.
- Worlds are created by hierarchies of cosmic Builders and Architects acting together.
- Every world contains hierarchies of Recorders who constitute the forces of karmic history for that world.
- The cosmic elements and planes are composed of countless hosts of evolving hierarchies.
- Every hierarchy is composed of a host of smaller hierarchies.
- Every hierarchy is a component part of a larger hierarchy.

According to the Enochian monad model, every entity enters the cosmic planes of manifestation as unself-conscious life-atoms that slowly evolve into self-conscious monads, and they in turn slowly evolve into gods as a result of karmic evolution.

The chief of a hierarchy is called the hierarch, each of the watchtowers is viewed as a hierarchy. Each Watchtower is divided into six subhierachies. The hierarch of each of these is called a Senior. Each of the four Watchtowers is also divided into four subquadrants whose hierarchies are called Archangels. These are further divided up into smaller hierarchies whose rulers are called Angels. In this way, the entire universe, visible and invisible, is teeming with beings in varying states of self-consciousness.

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