Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Geek Rock

Geek Rock is a musical subgenre of alternative rock which embraces technology and technological themes, often in a humorous or ironic context, as well as other subjects considered "geeky." Progenitors of geek rock include Devo, Talking Heads, and REM. More recent examples of geek rock bands include Weezer, The Minibosses, The Young Knives, The Rentals, Lemon Demon, Cake, Ben Folds, Grandaddy, The Franchise, Nerf Herder, Jonathan Coulton, MC Paul Barman, Ozma, and They Might Be Giants.

See also: Nerdcore hip hop

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Nice blog! :-)
nice blog..
Steely Dan should be on that list. Very nerdy stuff!
Remember that show The Adventures of Pete and Pete? The guys who sang the theme song should be on this list.
So many cool artists !
these bands would qualify as filipino geek rock i guess
Grandaddy & REM? Definitely not "geek rock."
You calling me a geek?
Kidding...this is a fabulous blog!
I have music from nearly every one of those artists...;)
i think tmbg have been around a long time. rem might be more emo (or chick band) than geek...

of course one large trouble with attempting this classification, is that there are many definitions of geek..

Steely dan was more of a dead band. especially so on "fm", one of the more reeking discs of the 70's. otoh the general inundation by that kind of music motivated punk, industrial, wilddub, etc. so, there's a silver-lining to be found almost everywhere... :-)

if devo qualifies as 'geek' due to their "tekkie sound", then scads of other groups qualify.
hi there! cocolulu here. gee, i guess im flattered to be labeled as "geek rock".

for newer songs please go to:
theres a link to download the EP for free!

cheers everybody! happy holidays!
guess i'm a geek-rocker after all..markd of oblong here!

my ep "sarah, sing me to sleep" is NOW available! for more infos visit www.myspace.com/iloveoblong

Geek Rock is Great, especially Code Monkey. Checkout WorldTV for the Geek Rock channel.
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