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Satan Claus

Satan Claus is a theory that Santa Claus is actually an alias for Satan. The theory is based primarily on the fact that "Santa" could be an anagram for "Satan." This theory is a popular belief among many Christian communities.

Other evidence is the fact that Saint Nicholas, the origin of Santa, could have never existed. Ole Nick was a fallen Angel. Nick is a common nickname for Santa. (e.g. Old Saint Nicholaus) Old Nick is a British term for "the devil". Nicholas is one of the most common names for the devil, for Germans.

Many Christians are infuriated with the fact that Santa shares, or in some cases takes the spotlight from Jesus at Christmas time.
Some facts about both Jesus and Santa: They are both Omniscient. They are both Omnipresent. They both have a white beard.

Santa can be rearranged to spell Satan. Claus is old English for "Hoof-Claws." Claus can be rearranged to spell "Lucas" which resembles Lucifer. Kriss Kringle means "little Christ child".

External Links: SANTA CLAUS: The Great Imposter -- Christian anti-Santa site.

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" Nicholas is one of the most common names for the devil, for Germans."

Interesting. I am German and I heve never associated the name Nicholas with devil. But maybe it is true.
BOY! Are you deep into these "off-road" different names for Santa. It's enough to almost make a little boy cry! Yes, I understand the conflict that this season brings upon us. Perhaps we can all look at it another way.


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I thought the very same thing about santa satan a while ago, admittedly I hadn't gone quite to this depth. Though I also figured that since live is evil backwards timetravel must be wrong.


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Hmm. . . Very interesting.

I never thought about it. I suppose this could be a reason to fear Christmas.
"Nicholas is one of the most common names for the devil, for Germans."

Greetings from Germany!

I also never have heard the name "Nicholas" as a name for the devil ... Where have you got this from?
I wish I hadn't read this! I'll never view santa the same way again! Creeps me out!
I also question the truth of Nicholas being the most common name for the devil in Germany. I grew up there and have quite a few friends with that name - who in their right mind would call their child the devil?

This is the first time I have heared about that association but the rest is pretty interesting and kinda makes sense - creepy but cool in a twisted way
That is brilliant.

"They both have a white beard"
hey! stop this backward spelling stuff. real macdaddies rely on backward masking.
Holy shit....

My name is Nicholas Lucas...

my middle name is Christian...

The following video demonstrates Santa is Satan:

i don't know how i stumbled on this . . . but the idea of santa being an anagram for satan is idiotic. santa means saint. no ones ever accused santa ana or san diego as being demon-cities
who do you prefer the fat jolly guy who gives you presents or the old guy who threatens you with eternal torture in a lake of fire?
Interesting. It may also be interesting to note that taking notes from the bible there is no way that Jesus was born in winter. There would not be sheperds in the winter. The date of Jesus' birth was changed to more closely coincide with the pagan celebration of Yule to convince pagans to convert to Catholicism.
I have a web page that gives information along these same lines at:
"the beast" signs in revelations.. He will conquer the whole earth (santa?) they will offer him burnt offerings (santa? cookies..). 7 blasphemous names (extreamly close, saint, father, kriss, el nino jesus, black peter, Santa itself resembles satan). He will fool most and decieve most of those even in the faith (santa?) u must bear his mark to buy and sell (i must except that many present will be labeled "from santa" in order to accept christmas with my family) almost all the signs match better than any other figure on earth
Santa Claus is devil created by corporate America to force the regular Joe to spend the money that they don't have.
Real cristians should not celebrate christmas.we give others gifts,lie to children ,let them sit in a strangers lap not knowing this could be a child molester,get drunk,over eat sometimes we do t even appreciate our gifts. Does any of this sound pleasing to GOD. I dont think so do you
My name's Nicholas, I have a Son who was born on Christmas Day! We are not evil, only when we pass wind! x
Santa is. For girls. Right?
Like Santa ana.
but did Santa Claus called to be Santa if he. Is. A. He..?

Just. Asking..
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