Monday, November 13, 2006


Sutra neti

Sutra is the Sanskrit word for string. Sutra neti is the method of clearing nasal obstructions with a string. It is a practice used in yoga to aid pranayama. It is considered an advanced practice that is usually preceded by jala neti. This is a very effective method of keeping the nasal passages open to their fullest capacity.

Sutra Neti is performed by passing a cord made of cotton threads or a rubber catheter into the nose through one nostril and then out via the mouth. The cord is gently pulled to and fro for some time, removed and then threaded through the other nostril and out the mouth again. With practise, the cord can be passed in one nostril and out the other nostril....

99% of the benefit is obtained by simply passing the string up to and through this nasal-throat valve while gently massaging the nasal membranes which reflex back to the powerful group of nerves which serve in common the entire cranium.

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really good and useful
Sounds painfull.
Did you know that instead of today's bowel cleansing solutions such as psyllium husk or laxatives, yogis would take a very long and bulky rope of silk and swallow it until it came out the other end? They could move it back and forth - kinda like dental floss for the colon. I don't know if that bit of info even made it onto Wilkipedia yet, but if the sutra neti is getting booted, I'm sure that's on it's way out too.
wow your blog is so cool. Thanks for all the amazing info, I will treasure it
I never heard of that before... sounds interesting.
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