Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Two singers named Alicia to be discarded

Alicia Pan (born Nov 11, 1984) is one of Taiwan's rising stars. Born and raised in Singapore, Alicia Pan has been singing and playing the piano since the age of 3. She moved to Taiwan in 2005 and began pursuing her career in the mandarin pop scene. ... Subsequently, Universal Music released an EP of Alicia's first Mandarin single in conjunction with Far East Tone, a Taiwanese telecommunications company.

Alicia Dara (born Alicia Dara Friedman on December 9, 1973) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, composer, and educator based in Seattle, WA. She started her record label, Stegosaurus Records, in 1997 and has released 4 self-produced CDs of original songs.... In 2001 Alicia released Alchemy, a haunting and melodic piano-based record. Alchemy was co-produced with Experience Music Project sound designer Brad Purkey and featured a host of Seattle musicians.... Her own site's popularity is further augmented by fan sites which collect and distribute rare B-sides and covers....

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That's a bit rude of Wikipedia to remove these ladies from a rightful spot in the interweb.
It's NOT a bit rude. It's VERY EXTREMELY RUDE of Wikipedia to do so. I guess Wikipedia's kinda prejudice in certain issues, such as the POPULARITY of artistes. If an artiste isn't that popular, or is an Independent artiste, Wiki would most likely have reservations about giving them a spot on the interweb.

I believe that every artiste should be given the rightful respect they deserve, and I don't see that coming from Wiki's action.
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