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Voden inscription

The Voden inscription is an alleged archaeological find purporting to be a medieval inscription in Old Slavonic by the Bulgarian Tsar Samuel dating from 989 AD. It is believed by some analysts to be a 19th-century forgery. If genuine, it would be of important historical value for Balkan history. It was found at early 1997 at Voden, present day Edessa, an ancient town of northern Greece. In text tsar Samuel (957-1014) is self-referred as Tsar of Bulgars and Romans. Relevant is the Bitola inscription dating from 1015 A.D. of Bitola Museum in Republic of Macedonia. Both inscriptions reveal the Bulgarian character of Samuel’s State.... Ever since, inscription remains hidden by Greek authorities.

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What's wrong about that entry?
Article was deleted by a wikipedia sysop in colaboration to a team of Greek wikipedia cabalists advocating extreme nationalistic point of view
It must be restored immediatelly
Wikipedia has to restore it
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