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Centaurs in antiquity

Centaurs were reportedly seen in the Roman Empire era, for example, during the reign of Claudius (AD 41-54). One of them was even captured and moved to Egypt as a gift for the Roman emperor. After it died, its corpse was embalmed and shipped by sea to Rome where it was exhibited in Claudius's palace. The centaur completely submerged in honey was witnessed by Pliny the Elder. The natural historian Aelian (AD 200) was also interested in these creatures. Around AD 50 the emperor Claudius received a message from the authorities in Greece about the birth of a baby centaur in Thessaly." [1]

Historical Evidence of Human-Animal Sexual Contacts: There are many historical records about the use of sheep or goats by warriors for eating and for having sex. Bestiality was common among ancient Greeks and Romans. According to a legend, Greek scholar Thales warned his master Periandros not to hire unmarried shepherds in order to stop creating more centaurs. Roman satirist Juvenalius mentioned that "Roman women often exposed their naked buttocks to tempt donkeys into sex contacts." Similar contacts were caused by fertility cults in Egypt. According to Danish anatomist Thomas Bartholin, he saw a woman who had a baby with a feline head after a copulation with a cat. [2]

Reports of Modern-Day Centaur Sightings: Alleged sigtings of Centaurs continue to this day. Reports come from many different places, as far away as Florida [3] and Nigeria [4].

Unorthodox Scientific Opinions: Some modern-day Australian and British anthropologists suggest that hybrids such as centaurs could have co-existed side by side with early humans, if we look at 32,000-year-old rock paintings in Australia and South Africa. [5]

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