Saturday, December 30, 2006


The Chickenology Encyclopedia

The Chickenology Encyclopedia is a compilation of answers to the question "Why did the chicken cross the road?" The name Chickenology Encyclopedia as well as the Chicken Today and Chicken of the Week columns are original creations of Ervin Nemeth. An ever growing proportion of the quotes -- currently (as of 2005) somewhat over 70% -- has been created by Ervin Nemeth. Many were, though, contributed by members of a former Chickenology mailing list and visitors, and very few of them were pulled from the "public domain." Although many misconceive these entries as pure humor, or jokes, they are designed to educate. They tell very important information about certain persons, their lives and ways of understanding our world. The "Chickenology Encyclopedia" term was invented in 1998, when the first version of the complete encyclopedia was published on a CD ROM by a Hungarian computer magazine. Another edition was published in 1999 and the book version is due to come out later 2005.

External link: The official Chickenology Encyclopedia site. This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "The Chickenology Encyclopedia". Link may die if entry is finally removed or merged.

apparently i have to learn abt chickenology asap...the lord and master says so...please help me become a chickenologist
i love chicken
Finally, I have found muldidisciplinary chickenologists, unlike those simpletons working for FDA. I am scientist working on genetically engineering a velocichicken, a velociraptor//chicken hybrid for use in movies and in zoos. Oh, and also for use in Fast Food Restaurants. So far, I have all the chicken DNA I need, but, am low on the veloci-part. I have also tried chickenography, but they had no veloci- either. Oh studier of chickens, how might I obtain the veloci- I need?
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