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List of Animal Sounds

This is a list of animal sounds, sounds made by animals. First verbs used to label animal sounds are listed, followed by figures of speech that imitate those sounds.

Verbs: Below is a list of appropriate verbs corresponding to the sounds made by various animals.
Apes gibber Bears growl: Grrr Bees hum and buzz Beetles drone Birds chirrup, tweet, and sing: Bird song Bitterns boom Blackbirds whistle Bulls bellow Calves bleat Cats mew, purr, meow and caterwaul Cattle low Chaffinches fink Chicks cheep Chickens buck Cocks crow Cows moo Crows caw Cuckoos cuckoo Deer bell Dogs bark, bay, howl, whine, and yap Dolphins click Donkeys bray Doves coo Ducks quack Eagles scream Elephants trumpet Falcons chant Ferrets dook Flies buzz Foxes bark and yelp Frogs croak Giant pandas bleat Goats bleat Geese cackle and hiss Grasshoppers chirp: Stridulation Guinea pigs squeak Hares squeak Hawks scream Hens cluck Horses neigh or whinney Humans brouhaha and prattle Hyenas laugh Jays chatter Kittens mewl Lambs bleat Linnets chuckle Lions roar Magpies chatter Mice squeak and squeal Monkeys gibber Nightingales pipe and warble Owls screech, shriek, and hoot Oxen low Parrots talk Peacocks scream Pigs grunt and squeal Pigeons coo Raccoons chitter Ravens croak Rooks caw Sheep bleat Snakes hiss Sparrows chirp Stags bellow and call Swallows twitter Swans cry (also sing just before dying: swan song) Tigers growl Thrushes whistle Turkeys gobble Vultures scream Walruses ort Whales sing: Whale song. Wolves howl

Onomatopoeia: In addition there are several onomatopoeic verbal phrases which relate to specific animals (strictly it is incorrect to use the onomatopoiec terms as verbs. e.g. "Dogs woofing" is linguistically incorrect): Cats go "meow", Chicks go "peep" Cocks go "cock-a-doodle-doo" Cows go "moo" Crows go "caaw" Dogs go "arf", "bow-wow", or "woof" Donkeys go "hee-haw" Frogs go "ribbit" in the US and "crrrk" in Britain and other noises elsewhere, according to species. Goats go "maa" Horses go "neigh" Monkeys go "eek" Nightingales go "jug-jug" in Britain and "mug-mug" in North America Owls go "who who", "hoot hoot" or less commonly "Too-wit-too-woo" Pigs go "oink", "hunc", or "whee" Sheep go "baa"

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