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Marija Pavlović

Marija Pavlovic (April 1, 1965 -) was one of the six visionaries at Medjugorje who saw the Virgin Mary. On 24 June 1981, at about 6 pm, along with five other young parishioners from Medjugorje she saw on the hill Crnica (on the place called Podbrdo) an apparition, a white form with a child in her arms. Surprised and scared, they did not approach. The next day at the same time, 25 June 1981, four of them returned, and were later joined by the other two. Thereafter they had daily apparitions of Our Lady.
At the time of the first apparition, she was 16 years old. During the apparitions she was given nine secrets. Her visions relate her to the Italian writer and mystic Maria Valtorta in that Our Lady recommended Valtorta’s book to Marija in her visions. She is married now, lives in Italy and has four children.

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How can anyone claim to see the Virgin Mary on a daily basis and not be in a fetal position? This just goes to show how desperate people can become. If this was the truth why wouldn't the Vatican acknowledge it? Instead, the Pope refused to visit with her. Oh, by the way, I also talk to Santa Claus every Christmas morning.
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