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The term "wikiturfing" refers to the efforts of an individual or (rarely) a formal public relations company to create the impression that a particular meme, company, or concept has gained social clout by simply placing the item in Wikipedia. Because of its wide use and high ranking amongst top search engines, Wikipedia allows for easy and free exposure to a large community of users. Those who would engage in wikiturfing do so in the hopes that their item will "catch on" and gain legitimacy. Such activities would be classified as vandalism or, in the least, an inappropriate use of Wikpedia’s terms of use.

The origin of the term is uncertain. One example was in 2006 by an anonymous commenter on a web site discussing wikipedia who said "I see corporations paying for wikiturf to be even more of a problem than the astroturfing in forums and blog comments because so many people link to Wikipedia."

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