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Human Cheese

Human cheese is cheese produced from the breast milk of female humans. It has been proposed as a Vegan alternative to cheeses produced by other mammals, such as goats and cows. Economic issues: The production, labour costs, shipping, and other expenses involved in producing cheese from female humans would require the product to be sold at a relatively higher price than cheese produced by other mammals, at a rough estimate of 200 U.S. dollars per pound ($440/kg). The very existence of human cheese is unknown.

There are currently no well-known documented cases of human cheese being produced. Human breast milk is on average 5% protein, which is a smaller concentration than that in both goat and cow cheese. Because protein is necessary for milk to curdle, the low percentage of protein in human milk may prevent curdling from occurring.


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haha that's so insane! what might it taste like though??? Check out my blog 2. Thanks!
Beyond belief revolting -- unless I'm starving in a prison camp.
I remember, when I was in highschool, that on the local news they were talking about just this.

That Human cheese was being made. They mentioned the price of it. And something about the ladies who "contributed" to it. (I got the impression it was a one time thing.)

I think it was made in France. (But I'm not sure. I saw it on TV something like 10 years ago I think.)

-- Charles
this doesn't seem like a bad idea. there is nothing ethically wrong with it. the only problem i see is that you can't just corral human women up in order to monitor what they eat/drink/swallow/inject/smoke and thus pass on into the breast milk. you can, however, keep goats on a farm and make sure that the goat eats only grains and grass and drinks clean water. because of this uncertainty with milking humans, i'd never eat human cheese.
In "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" there is a scene where Borat offers Bob Barr cheese made from milk from his wife's tit.

Someone really should make a wikipedia entry titled "References to human cheese in popular culture." :P
You cannot make cheese out of tittie milk because it wont curdle. So you are wrong there is no such thing
dude thats freaking nasty! go to my site: only if you speak french, im still edditing so.... anyways it's
Fantastic idea for a new 'welfare to work' program. Finally, the one skill all these out of work mothers can use. Might even be able to develop a wine port cheese of some kind.
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