Friday, January 12, 2007


Wild Rose

WildRose is an independent Australian vocalist, song writer and actress. She is recognised for her unique cross of classic rock and classical piano, as well as her ability to cross genres in general. Her musical influences include Billy Joel, Tori Amos and Darren Hayes. WildRose is a self taught pianist and also writes teenage novels. At 16, WildRose left high school to pursue her musical career, and less than 6 months later, was signed to a recording contract with a local Perth producer. However, the contact was bogus and after months of nothing happening, Rose finally walked away from the contract, but was left with a massive financial debt to the family member who had invested in her. In late 2005, an investor approached her, and with his financial support, WR along with two other people formed Eclipsical Creations Pty Ltd early 2006.

References: WildRose - Official Site, WildRose Official Myspace - Official Myspace [ RAGE Playlist - Video Release PlayList, [ Eclipsical Creations Company Website - Official Site, [ Matchbox Recordings - Matchbox Recordings, [ Ison Live Radio

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