Sunday, February 11, 2007


Dead Playboy Playmates

This is an alphabetical list of women who have appeared in the centerfold of Playboy magazine and are now deceased. [For brevity, list is truncated.]

Lannie Balcom - drug overdose; Elisa Bridges - drug overdose; Cheryl Kubert - possible suicide; Willy Rey - drug overdose; Dorothy Stratten - homicide; Star Stowe - homicide; Sue Williams - suicide; Paige Young - drug overdose.

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Marilyn Monroe didn't make the cut?
Based on your post and 2 websites:

There are 637 Playmates as of Dec 2007:

There are 31 reported dead:

That's a fatality rate of 31/637 or roughly 1/20 ~ 5% for being a Playmate.
So many beautiful women dead -- and too many of them too young; it's totally unacceptable.
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