Monday, February 05, 2007


Use Of Thumbtacks In Professional Wrestling

Thumbtacks are a popular weapon in hardcore professional wrestling promotions, mainly due to the fact that they get a good crowd reaction and do not inflict excessive pain. A common misconception is that the thumbtacks and other weapons such as barbed wire are fake when used in professional wrestling. While this may be the case in some promotions, in others it is usually false especially when discussing the use of the thumbtacks. Although a large amount of them will probably cause a fair amount of physical pain, especially when being slammed onto them, it does not pose any serious threat to the performers and therefore it is safe to say that real thumbtacks are always used.

In TNA, Abyss uses thumbtacks as his signature weapon, and accidentally swallowed one at Bound for Glory 2006 during his Monster's Ball match with Raven, Samoa Joe, and Brother Runt.

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