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List of famous smokers

This is a [parial] list of famous people, for whom smoking is clearly a recognised part of their public image, or who are known for some unusual aspect of smoking.

Pat Nixon - Was a closet cigarette smoker, a fact that came out shortly after her death. Lucille Ball - Her image was used to advertise Philip Morris cigarettes from the 1950s until the 1970s. Drew Barrymore of the famous Barrymore family smokes Marlboro Reds, about 2-3 packs a day. She started smoking cigarettes at age 9 1/2. David Bowie - Several photos--both on stage and publicity shots-- depict Bowie smoking. According to the biography Strange Fascination, he smoked both Gitane and Marlboro cigarettes. Quit in early 2000s after a heart attack. Bette Davis - American film actress who was never without a cigarette. She starred in Now, Voyager (1942), which has the famous scene in which Paul Henreid places two cigarettes in his mouth, lights them, and then passes one to Bette Davis. She died in 1989 after a long battle with breast cancer and having suffered several strokes. Sammy Davis, Jr. - American singer/actor. Often seen smoking on stage and in interviews. Died of throat cancer in May 1990 at age 64.

Walt Disney - His years of chain-smoking led to his death of lung cancer at age 65. George Harrison - Member of The Beatles who was famously seen smoking in the movies A Hard Days Night and Help!. His off-screen chain-smoking habit lead to his death from lung cancer in 2001. Peter Jennings - Journalist and former anchor of ABC World News Tonight. Died of lung cancer in 2005. Kate Moss - Model; smokes four packs of Marlboro Lights per day and has been smoking cigarettes since the age of 12. This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "List of famous smokers". This entry is a fragment of a larger work. Link may die if entry is finally removed or merged.

Tobacco smoke is the primary cause of lung cancer. Although nonsmokers can get lung cancer, the risk is about 10 times greater for smokers and is also increased by the number of cigarettes smoked per day.
so fucking what?
Today is smoking ... tommarrow its ... alcohol .... then its jews ... then its blacks ... until all you have is shiny white people that Love each other and pretend they're not directly related. (Oh, and their status symbol dogs).
That last comment was brilliant. To it I would like to add a quote from Tom Robbin's "Still Life with Woodpecker";

"The lung of the smoker is a naked virgin thrown as a sacrifice into the godfire."

Everyone knows smoking is not good for your health. So long as you're not blowing it in the faces of children it's your own god damn choice.
Yes, its my right, its my choice, go lecture someone else...But in the meantime, I will take as many smoke breaks in a workday as I choose while others work, I will toss lit butts anywhere I damn well please and I will force nonsmokers to subsidize my eventual cost to insurance companies.
How many cigarette company executives search internet sites to post pro smoking comments?

Smokers are the most selfish and miserable group of humans on the planet. Look at some of these posts. They don't even enjoy their addiction any more. They're not in control, thanks to the chemicals in the cancer sticks, and that affects their thinking.

They care not for others around them, or their children, who will passively inhale their carcinogenic poison.

It's nothing to do with human rights. To compare a health initiative with the Holocaust (see ..."then its the jews") is repulsive and idiotic. It's the cancer, which smokers cause in others as well as themselves, and heart disease, Stupid!

A policy of attempting to stop smoking is no different to a policy of stopping addicts abusing heroin. I feel dumber having read these smokers posts.
Yea smokers are stupid! Democracy sucks too. I don't think anyone should have any freedom to make any personal choices. Come on when will you fascist pigs stop trying to regulate peoples' decisions. I admit it isn't healthy, and I'm not a heavy smoker, but it's a personal choice. Second hand smoke (regardless of what politicians will tell you) really isn't all that dangerous, especially when the smoker keeps his or her distance. And the bullshit continues! Now they're talking about third hand smoke. This is the faint odor that remains after smokers have been in a room. It's crazy the things people will do for political favors.
And by the way I'm sure smokers are comparatively worse than serial killers as well. "the most miserable selfish group of people on this planet." Give me a break
Yeah, it's bad for your health. But it's also quite enjoyable for some. So if you enjoy it, smoke away. If not, don't. Simple as.
cigs are bad for you. sure we all know that. but i hate how in american society smoking is looked down apon. I hate when you are smoking and people look at you and think you are a "loser" or "scum". People should not have to hear lectures every five seconds oh how bad it is. Its your choice and im sick of hearing all this crap " smoke..? (awkward moment.) I do beleive in second hand smoke and think people should smoke outside their homes if they have a child. Even though it may be cold outside. You dont want to have the possibility have hurting your childs health. But it doesn't matter what I think, it matters what YOU thing.
I know for a fact that the whole country would be surprised to know just how many people are closet smokers! Why? Because if you smoke you are the scum of the earth! This is a personal choice just as eating unhealthy food. Only difference is that unhealthy food habits are not monitored. By the way, all lung cancer is not caused by smoking!
Look down on smokers do you? Interested in showing smokers how serious you are about it's negative impact on life?

Then stop consuming any and all artwork, music, literature, and products created by smokers...throughout history.

Teehee, good luck health nazis!
The British Medical Journal has just concluded the largest study ever on the affects of second hand smoke. Result-No Causal effect linking it to cancer. That said, I am a smoker and do not like to be in a smoke filled room, or home, or...
Alcohol is also bad for health why the fuck don't people go agaainst it? Just because alcohol is socially acceptable does'nt make it healthy, fu** off all the anti smokers !
Death is the primary cause of the end of life and we all end of there sooner or later.
I am a smoker. I NEVER throw butts on the ground, I even pick up others. I hate being lumped into that group of smokers who are rude, not all of us are! I smoke on my breaks, others chat, walk or whatever, I waste no more time than they. I keep my smoke outside and down wind, so give me a break. You will cash in on my Social Security in the end.
cigs are to adults what a pacifier is to a baby. In other words, cigs are the adult pacifier. The poor baby grew up but didn't want to give up its pacifier habit so switchd to a cig to suck on.
Two studies done in the early '70's showed that two cigars a day or four bowls of pipe tobacco a day were safe to smoke (i.e., no cancer).
Smoking is a very addictive habit that cannot be controlled by many people. It starts when your young to impress your peers and eventually becomes more than a habit, it controls your life. When you are finally able to quit (which is to late to save your lungs) your organs are damaged and will never recover. I started at age 13, quit at 32, am 73 and when I have a sonagram the attendant can still see the scares on my lungs. Quit if you can and if not try to reduce smoking
I do not smoke I belive it is a choice. We should have the right to make choices good or bad. Soon we will have none. They are already tring to tax things that are fatting they say it is unhealthy also (goverments way of controlling our choices) Next I am sure they will fine us for being a smoker, overweight, someone who does not exerise.
read joe jackson about smoking ban..
I dont smoke and I hate smoke and I do not want to inhale somebody elses smoke. I know it is your choice, I dont care if you smoke but dont let me inhale your smoke. If you can control the smoke in the direction that doesnt reach me, that is fine. I suggest if you want to smoke and you dont care about your health, it is up to you to destroy your own body, but dont drag my body into the same state as yours. Just chew your smoke and dont bother me with your smoke.
I call smoking scum sucking. So if you are a smoker you are a scum sucker.
Smoking is scum sucking. Smokers are scum suckers.
The situation in the Uk is getting as bad . We are being dictated to by health Nazis here as well
The BBC (1999) reports that, each year, car exhaust accounts for 24,000 early deaths in the United Kingdom alone.

According to the University of California at Los Angeles (2003), car exhaust causes both short-term and long-term effects: fatigue, headache and nausea in the short term; chronic lung disease, heart disease, behavioral changes, decreased mental functioning as well as cancer in the long term.

Nothing in life is safe get another target , why not pick on people who sneeze ?
Anti-smokers are starting to squeal and jump around stamping their feet as it is becoming widely known that their agenda is fraudulent.

Smoking has been reducing for the last 60 years+ in the western world YET cancers continue to increase unchecked (new cases of Lung cancer increased by over 30% between 2000 and 2008 in USA)

Most lung cancer cases are now in non-smokers

Heart disease is the biggest killer of never smoker males over 50 and never smoker females over 60.

Alzheimer's and other diseases that are prevented or normally delayed by smoking are also increasing rapidly.

The tobacco CONTROL industry is about fanaticism and MONEY - More normal people are coming to realise this - the end anti smoker scam is in sight!

I laugh at you self absorbed addicted bastards. I go places just to watch smokers kill themselves. You addicts should charge admission to the designated cages that we allow you to ply your addiction in.Keep smoking I find this addiction entertaining.
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You can take my cigarettes out of my cold dead hand.
Oh they are quite file the anti smoking people aren't they?
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