Monday, April 16, 2007


Lists of unsolved problems

A list of unsolved problems is a list that contains the unsolved problems of a specific area of interest. An unsolved problem is a question that has been developed but currently has no answer, nor means for formulating an answer.

Unsolved problems in biology Unsolved problems in chemistry Unsolved problems in cognitive science Unsolved problems in computer science Unsolved problems in economics Unsolved problems in Egyptology
Unsolved problems in linguistics Unsolved problems in mathematics
Unsolved problems in medicine Unsolved problems in neuroscience
Unsolved problems in philosophy Unsolved problems in physics

See also: Open problem; Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential; Union of International Associations' list of unsolved problems.
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Hi Cliff,

You have a very informative blog, and I like the title.

I have a few blogs about solved problems.

This link displays all the titles:

Good luck.

Lee Herald
This looks it was a fascinating article, shame Wikipedians are such power freaks who like deleting interesting articles for the hell of it! Great blog, I've recommended it to a lot of people who can no longer go to Wikipedia to find their favourite articles.
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