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List of Homer Simpson's lifelong dreams

The following is a list of lifelong dreams by Homer Simpson as reported in The Simpsons TV series. Homer is a man of many lifelong dreams which he frequently quotes during the series. Each dream is different from his previous dream, and his wife, Marge, points out every time he makes up a new one that his actual life long dream, which also varies from episode to episode, was already accomplished by him.

His lifelong dreams include (partial list):
- Managing a beautiful country-western singer ("Colonel Homer")
- Eating the world's biggest hoagie ("Colonel Homer")
- Living in the wilderness, while keeping a journal of his thoughts ("Marge Gets a Job")
- Becoming a monorail conductor ("Marge vs. the Monorail")
- Being allowed to do his job from home ("King-Size Homer")
- Being the next Thomas Edison ("The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace"; ironically fulfilled when his electric hammer is credited to Edison)
- Becoming a hippie ("D'oh-in in the Wind")
- Bowling a perfect game ("Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder")
- Seeing Stevie Nicks naked ("Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder"; his list of life goals has three check marks next to this one)

A magnet licensed by Fox and produced in 2003 by U.S. novelty company Ata-Boy features Homer saying, "It's been my life long dream to appear on a refrigerator."

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There was also the one to streak on the field during the world series.
and also appearing on the gong show, which he did with Barney
and to own the dallas cowboys
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