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Hologram Theory

The "Hologram Theory," as it relates to 9/11, proposes that no commercial airliners hit the World Trade Center on Sept 11 2001. Proponents of the theory contend that rather than full sized airliners, the World Trade Center was hit by "Cruise" type Missiles which appeared to the naked eye to be airliners through the use of sophisticated hologram technology. Rosalee Grable is one the the theory's leading proponents. One eyewitness described the 'airplane' he saw: "It just disappeared. It disappeared like a, like a, bad special effect. Disappeared right into the building." Eyewitness Accounts. This theory is controversial even among 9/11 researchers.

External links: Fringe Theories Harming 9/11 Truth Movement; Hologram Theory Hologram Theory Overview; 'Ghostplane' - Rosalee Grable; See Also 911 Truth Movement.

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Rosalee Grable never prmoted a "hologram" theory. It's a No Big Boeing theory.

People who debunk her work, and have absolutely no idea what it is about, claim she supports "holograms" - which is a lie.
It just disappeared. It disappeared like a, like a, like his brain right up his ass.
Who believes this crap. 2 airplanes hit the towers, and that's that!!
Why take the time and money to create fake airplanes when real ones are readily available?
I agree, two airplanes did hit the towers. But what kind of airplanes? The conspiracy theories can just go on and on. Have you seen the Penn and Teller video on conspiracy theories? Besides very vulgar language, it's actually fun to watch.

i was in an email list with her when the ideas of Holograms came up

What happened was many of us were trying to figure out some of the anomalies in the video.
At the time we had no reason to consider that some of the videos were manipulated or even FAKED.

TO me NOW there is ample evidence that at least 2 of the videos were altered or even completely fabricated to insert planes.

WHY they were faked i dont know
but this does NOT mean that no-planes hit the towers

THAT conclusion was drawn by people wanting to discredit the movement.


september 11 videos FAKE

I know that Webfairy did some good work on Pentagon research early in 911 research.
Unfortunately she will go down as a disinfo agent
hologram theory is crap, 9/11 conspiracy is crap
John Lear says in this interview:
(starting at about 0:45:30)

that the planes actually were holograms. He refers to advanced hologram technology which some of his informants had seen in Hollywood in a small demonstration about future TV.

The leading proponent of the HOLOGRAM THEORY is u2r2h ... google u2r2h hologram and take note of the actual ONLY VIABLE technical explanation of the technology involved

keywords: u2r2h hologrammes spray phase-conjugate mirrors ("time-reversal" of light), optical cache memories, image processing

more research

thanks for your attention!
who the fuck cares what hit the buildings, they will make up all kinds of shit conspiricy theories to make peaople confused and not know what to believe in. what maters is being able to think for ourselves,stand up for what we believe in, and take actions instead of just sitting here righting bullshit on blog sites... peace
2 planes hit, but show me ONE video that clearly shows WINDOWS on the sides of those planes... I have never seen a commercial airliner with no windows... it was a military plane..

they never found ANY BODIES from ANY crash... Not the pentagon, not in penns, not in new york...

they also said that the fire in the building was so intense that it melted steel.. I WORK FOR Underwriters Laboratories... Jet fuel COULD NOT melt that steel in those buildings..

and if it was so hot, how did they find one of the terrorists passports "just laying on the ground" intact?

no one knows for sure what happened, but we know what didnt happen..
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hologram theory is crap, 9/11 conspiracy is crap

Do some research and you can figure it out for yourself... unless you are so gullible to where you believe whatever is fed to you... you really think a plane brought down a whole building by fire? hahahahaha... that is bullshit...

a b-52 hit the empire state building WAY before the use of fire sprinklers, carrying a full load... why didnt that tower go down? or any other one in history that has burned (that was made of steel, of course..)

watch this

then watch this


that is the 3rd building (building 7) that collasped later that day.. this building was NOT hit with a plane AT ALL..

the governments story:
A burning piece of debris fell from one of the towers, broke a window, started a fire, and brought down building 7 COMPLETELY TO THE GROUND...

you can learn ALOT from not being so closed minded.. you probably believe in god, too...
truthers sneer at rational people and taunt them with the " believe what is 'fed' to you" routine., i don't think so - this is why i don't believe the nonsense truthers attempt to feed people. get a grip and quit peddling your lies. "melted steel" - the only people who assert that steel got melted that day in NYC are the truthers. Other bullshit sewn in the comments of this post : 'no wreckage' - there was plenty of wreckage found on the street and amongst the collapse. Your truth movement is full of fascists and retards, obsessed with lying and a sociopathic need to abuse decency and rationality.
I developed a holographic theory several years ago and am amazed at this website, only I thought the images were projected by alien spacecraft. If we humans have high-tech capabalities, theirs may be more advanced. Coincidence, who knows, but I still have doubts about jets cutting through concrete and iron like that. Advanced societies have their motives. There is just something about the words holographic/projection/ufo/9/11/conspiricy/coverup/classified
why we have to discuss something useful, whatever the result that cant change anything.

Knowledge Management
Those were holographs, they proposed the phenomenon on CNN during election night a couple years back, not to mention they were working with this type of technology back in WWII in regards to The Manhattan Project. Imagine what the military(ies) have now. It's hard to believe because it does not correlate with our perception of reality, unfortunately we cannot handle the truth.
lmao this dumb theory has got people being dumb asses why don't you ask the people who lost family memebers on those flight how they feel about this whole thing
The hologram theory is a load of shit. I strongly believe that 9/11 was a inside job. Its really unfortunate how people are making up stupid theories that are making the truthers look like idiots trying to play with peoples mind.
Consider this: Since 9 11 what changes have been proposed/enforced regarding the 'supposedly' weak construction of the majority of these multi storey buildings. Have architects all suddenly revised their estimates regarding the supposed strength of their constructions? NO THEY HAVE NOT. "But", I hear you cry, "Surely unless we ensure buildings are built more sturdily this will happen again and again, just like WTC 7, no aircraft impact just a fire....?" The answer is that Architects/Designers/Physicists/Mathematicians/Construction Engineers are, and will continue to be, quite happy with the validity of their calculations and constructions. The proof ..... Well you asked for it .... How many buildings have exhibited such calamitous collapses, in similar circumstances, before or after 9 11 ......?
Go Google it and find out for yourself, surely it would be difficult to 'cover up' so many large buildings collapsing all over the world, after a fire, or even earthquake which can cause far greater structural movement than could be achieved by a dozen planes hitting simultaneously.
Wow go back to grade 1 and learn how to spell
Leave this web site up till we know more. I have only recently become more serious about 911 issue. ftsee Jim Fetzer site and listen to interview with Dr Montiff on liberty radio archives 4/24/12 hour #2. I want to see independent cell phone pictures and videos take by honest people who happened to be in neighborhood. I would also like to see his other supporting arguments
What happened to all the people who disappeared on the flights. where are they??? I will never believe it was anything, but a terrorist attack. I feel sorry for those who don't. You have been manipulated....
did you know....... an airliner cannot do 500 mph at 1000 feet, physics will not allow it, the drag factor is too great, even if the plane was diving, the thickness of the air at that speed/altitude is like treacle, the plane would begin to break up first

Hundreds of other airline pilots, engineers and aerodynamics specialists concour with this, but guess what, tomahawk cruise missles cruise happily at 1000 feet, at by pure coincidents, 500 mph

That and the fact you see a wing disapear for a single frame, and also see an undamaged fuselage emerge (again for only 1or2 frames) before the explosion, from the other side of the tower

Oh please, it was an aweful attempt to coverup, and only some americans actually still believe the official story

The rest of the world sees right through
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